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About us

Galaxy Consultants is a direct subsidiary of Galaxy Apartments Ltd Liab Co. based in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

We plan the entire process of migration of the students to foreign universities in a very systematic manner. The organized approach and a strong association with institutes are quite helpful to students who choose Galaxy Consultants as their guide.

We offer a solution for every query related to education abroad. The organization aims at assisting students to move to the best colleges and universities abroad, and create great career opportunities for them. We work along with the student to identify the most suitable university.

Why Galaxy Consultants?

Expert counseling capacity and capability to provide solution to every query asked by the students and long term association with universities and institutes in Switzerland and Canada.
Investment opportunities range anywhere from your child's education to a specialised portfolio developed by our analysts that brings long term passive income.

Visa Assistance

Getting a successful visa is not an easy task. At Galaxt Consultants we give visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients in the entire visa process from filling up applications, preparing financial statements and other documentations. Galaxy Consultants staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules and this helps us in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner.

Investment Opportunities

Across all projects, our approach is collaborative. We communicate and work together with clients at all phases of the project, from ideation and strategy to implementation and integration. At each stage, our collaboration with clients ensures that the system is customized to their unique products and market. And we apply our extensive international experience to ensure complete regulatory adherence. Our client relationships continue after launch, as we provide strong service support to further ensure success as the financial services products begin to scale.

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